Tuesday, September 28, 2010


30 days, 30 ways to live your life,
Simply love, live, laugh and smile.
30 heavy, joyful, happy tears,
For all the little, nasty fears.
30 beautiful, happy years
I wish you from the heart My Dearest!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beautiful wildness

for my beautiful, most precious sister

She moves as gently as a little cat
With graceful, feminine, tiny steps
Her coloured style will make you smile
Whenever you are down or cry

Deep in her eyes lay all her secrets
All questions, reasons, all her fears
She’s fragil, kind, so sweet and loving
Just giving all to see you glowing

If you will ever own her soul
If that’s your ever highest goal
Just spread her wings so she can fly
In different places, different times

With mystical and some strange signs
She’ll cure your broken, empty heart
In all her glory she will show you
The meaning of true life when loving

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wild rose

for my wild rose Iulia

Your eyes are alive, they sparkle like stars
Your full of light just like the sun
You are my soulmate who understands
Everything that goes through this little head
Although the distance kept us apart
We managed to stay just what we are
Good friends for life, in good and bad times
We cry and laugh, no matter what
We lived together joyfull, beautiful times
When nothing mattered, nothing at all
I’ll keep you safe in this heart of mine
As long as you want, until we will die
Stay like a rose, forever beautiful and wild
Enjoy this life and start trusting your heart.

Monday, February 9, 2009

25 de ani într-un sfert de secol

25 de ani, 25 de zile,
25 de gânduri scrise pe file,
25 de torturi, 25 de locuri,
Trăite cu cei dragi ca pe nişte mofturi.

25 days, 25 ways
To live this life
And touch the sky.
25 twisted years,
Lived with love
Without any fears.

25 Tagen, 25 Fragen
wer und wie die Schulden tragen.
25 Jahren, Menschen zu durchschauen
Und so meine eigene Welt zu bauen.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The rythem

It runs through your brain
The energy of sound
Finally you've found
The secret of life!
Your body vibrates
To the sound of music,
Each beat tells a story
Listen with care and never hurry!
Just close your eyes...
Enjoy the rythem!
Let yourself go
And take it slow.
Release your feet
Just feel the heat
That comes from the heart
And melts everything around.
Take your hands up to the sky
Move all your body as if you'd fly.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


It is already December
And so many things to remember
The days went by and still I try
To keep old memories alive.
An unforgetable year did I live
And so many places I have seen
Made me look younger
And feel much stronger.

Many people welcome this month
With high hopes for a better life.
The chilly wind reminds of winter,
Of holiday, when celebrating Christmas.
We’ll meet again with family and friends
To say goodbye to the year that ends
And welcome the year 2009
With laughter, singing and some good old wine.
No time left to feel sorry
Leave behind any worry.

„Merry Christmas and happy New Year!”
Just keep on dreaming and have no fear,
With love and faith we’ll have a soul
In this beautiful world we’ll have it all.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Das bin ich, wer bist du?

Mein Leben kennt nur einen Weg…
Dieser Weg führt immer zu mir, zu dir und zu uns!

Die Welt in der ich lebe,
Ist reizvoll, wie ein kleines Kind!
Vielleicht, träume ich viel zu viel,
Doch, diese ist meine einzige Gier;
Muss alles wissen und verstehen,
Wie im Alltag die Geschichten entstehen.
Das Schreiben hilft mich viel zu träumen,
In einer Welt schwer zu durschschauen.
Viele Gedanken sind mir fremd…
Und schreibe Gedanken, die keiner kennt!
Ich schaue zu, wie meine Hand,
Alleine, all diese Gedanken schreibt.

Ich sehe mich ins Spiegel,
Ich schaue ganz verwirrt…
Was steckt unter der Haut,
Was quällt mich überhaupt?!
Ich spiele gern mit Wörter
In meiner Welt voll Sorgen,
Und frage mich ja ständig
Was wird mit uns ab morgen?
In einer Welt der jeder kennt,
Stehe ich, alleine, mit einer fremden Welt.